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Presently available remedy
Biological: These include exotic insects. These are not effective because of the interference of weather. Long, dry day periods reduce the growth of the incest to very low levels.
Burning : This too has proved inadequate as it required large quantity of fuel. Moreover, burning destroys all plants in vicinity.
Manual control : This involves violet pulling. This has proved fatal to the people involved as it causes severe skin diseases and other infections on contact with the weed. Matured seeds fall on the ground and may increase infestation.
Herbicides : There are many herbicides available in the market. All of them destroy complete vegetation. They take 10 / 15 days to decay the plant. Most of them in any case are effective only on two leaves plant.
Biochemical solution offered by us
# It is a selective herbicide. It destroys only the Parthenium Weed without affecting the other plants, crops, vegetation in any way.
# It destroys flowers, seeds and the leaves of the weed immediately.
# Its reaction starts within 15 minutes of spraying. Complete process of decay occurs in 24 hours.
# Cattle can graze on grass where the solution is sprayed. Our biochemical solution is non Ė toxic and safe for human beings and animals.
# It prevents further growth of Parthenium Weed as its flowers and seeds are destroyed immediately after spraying.
# It is extremely effective on barren land where chances of growth of this weed are substantial.
# It has a well established safe profile. It does not need any specialized equipment or protection gear while spraying.
# There is no residual effect on soil. This means that the growth of nutrient potential of the soil is not reduced.
It increases the value and utility of land once the terrible weed is destroyed.
It can be used at any stage of the life of the weed from spore to mature plant level.
Eradication of Parthenium weed
Parthenium Weed :
The other product developed is a unique by itself and is very good and useful agriculturally and medically also.
It is developed to eradicate the Congress Grass / American Grass popularly known as Gajar Ghaas in India. The botanical name is Parthenium Weed or Parthenium Hysterophorus. It is native to Tropical America. In India it is available in abundant. In 1965 during Congress Raj India had imported wheat from America. They had sent Red Wheat. The container carried the pollens / flowers of Parthenium Weed. As it came to India during Congress Raj it is called as Congress Grass in India.
Parthenium Weed is a vigorous species that colonizes in grazy land and it grows rapidly in brae areas along the roadside and watering points. Its presence reduces the pasture production. The control is very expensive on grazy land. If allowed to spread it becomes a serious and persistent problem. It is a major crop and pasture nuisance in Tropical Countries other than being a major health hazard to humans. Some of healths problems are for human as well as animals are as under.
# It is an annual herb. It has a deep taproot and erect stem, which becomes woody with age. Its leaves are deeply lobed. It is pale green in colour and has soft hairs.
# It gives out Carbon Dioxide throughout its life and hence can pose problem to Nitrogen fixation and become a parasite to standing crops and animals in proximity.
# Pollen Stage : It is a major cause of Asthama (Allergic Bronchitis) especially in children playing outdoors. In adults and old age personís severity increases due to environmental pollution due to growth of Parthenium Weed.
# Respiratory problem upto 10% of people living in Parthenium Weed areas in India and Australia suffer from Allergic Rhinities Sinisitis.
# Contact of plant causes Dermatitis (Skin Disease). This is a serious issue and the spread of the problem all over the body causes great discomfort. Dermatitis also affects animal with pronounced skin lesions.
# Eye irritation to animals especially during grazing pasture. This results in reduction of milk yield and loss of weight of animal.
# It germinates in spring and summer. It dies around autumn. It usually grows near water points. It can set in four weeks after germination. Its flowering continues the whole life. Itís a prolific producer of seeds and can produce upto one lakh seeds per plant.
Fully grown parthenium Spraying
Fully grown parthenium Spraying
Flowers turning yellow after spray 5 minutes after spray
Flowers turning yellow after spray 5 minutes after spray
After 2 days No effect on other plants
After 2 days No effect on other plants
After 10 days
After 10 days
# Parthenium weed can germinate, grow, mature and set seed in four weeks.
# Parthenium weed is toxic to stock and contact with parthenium weed, partucularly its pollen, can cause allergic reactions such as dermatitis, hay fever and asthama in people.
# The best way to prevent an allergic reaction to parthenium weed is to avoid contact with it, especially breathing pollen from flowering plants.
# Pay close attention to property hygiene. Weed seeds are spread very easily by vehicles, machinery, stock, grain and fodder.
# Use mechanical, chemical, biological control and grazing to manage parthenium weed.

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